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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit is an innovative research project exploring the long-term impacts of Brexit on migration between the EU and UK to uncover what this reveals about Britain’s migration story and future.

16 November 2023
Beyond the imagined national family: When borders cross families
The definition of who is family to whom is central in a nation’s imagination of itself. It is similarly central to states’ management of their national borders the definition of whose family members can live with whom and where. But what happens when families cross borders and when borders cross families? Plus, what has Brexit got to do with EU families?
mixed-status familiesBrexitFreedom of movement
15 November 2023
What happened to migration to and from the UK after Brexit in only 140 seconds
What happened to migration to and from the UK after Brexit? Watch the MIGZEN video to find out
BrexitMigrationGlobal Britainresearch
13 October 2023
Border digitalisation and dispersal: Of glitches, biases and struggles
Borders around the world are becoming increasingly digitalised. But what do digital bordering practices mean for migrants, migrant rights and advocacy?
BordersBorderingborder digitisationEU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)
20 September 2023
Join us for the International Symposium 'Migration, coloniality and belonging in ‘Global Britain’
Want to think critically at how Britain reimagined itself and its political community, politics and hierarchies of belonging after Brexit? Join us in Birmingham on Friday 17 November 2023 for the day-long International Symposium 'Migration, coloniality and belonging in "Global Britain"'!
BrexitReborderingBritishnessBritish citizensbelongingEU citizenscolonialismcitizenshipmigration policy