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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

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15 March 2024
Divide, extract and rule: Of capitalism, coloniality and migration
What’s the significance of migration for the making of ‘Global Britain’? And how can a lens on racial capitalism help us to make sense of migration to and from the UK after Brexit?
MigrationGlobal Britainsafe routesBordersHongkongersUkrainiansracial capitalism
13 October 2023
Border digitalisation and dispersal: Of glitches, biases and struggles
Borders around the world are becoming increasingly digitalised. But what do digital bordering practices mean for migrants, migrant rights and advocacy?
BordersBorderingborder digitisationEU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)
15 September 2023
Why does diplomacy matter in thinking about migration after Brexit?
Understandings of migration policy are often framed through the eyes of receiving states and their domestic politics. But what role do foreign policy and geopolitics play? Plus: what does Britain’s approach to irregular migration tell us about its current diplomatic weight and levers? Find out more in the latest episode of our podcast collaboration with Who do we think we are?
BordersBrexitmigration diplomacyimmigration controlRwanda PlanUkrainiansHongkongersInternational Relations
13 September 2023
The normalization of state violence against migrants and refugees: comment piece in El Pais
State violence against migrants and refugees has become normalised in Europe, Nando Sigona writes in a comment piece for Spanish newspaper El Pais
asylumBordershostile environmentEuropeborder controlstate violence
13 May 2022
NEW EPISODE Who do we think we are? Beyond the headlines with ... Yvonne Su
Latest episode from Who do we think we are? Take a listen to the Beyond the Headlines, where hosts Michaela Benson and Ala Sirriyeh take a deep dive into the headlines about how countries are responding to Ukrainian refugees with Dr Yvonne Su, York University.
BordersUkraine Crisispodcastrefugees
9 March 2022
UK government's response to refugee crisis is too little, too confused, too slow
Reflects on the response of the UK Government to the Ukraine Refugee Crisis to argue that despite claims to generosity, the official response has been underwhelming and out of step with the rest of Europe.
BordersGlobal BritainUkraine Crisis
4 February 2022
Who do we think we are ep 8
Did you know that British citizenship can be cancelled or removed? And that these powers have been disproportionately used against Britain's Muslim citizens? Listen to Episode 8 of Who do we think we are? to find out more.
9 December 2021
Don’t Pass Go: Brexit, Covid-19 and the Rising Numbers of Romanians Stopped at the UK’s Borders
Since the start of 2021 an increasing number of EU citizens have been stopped trying to enter the UK. While Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic contribute to this, the rising number of Romanians being stopped at the border requires further explanation. In this blogpost, Michaela Benson looks at the statistics in more detail.
statisticsBrexitBordersEU citizens
4 December 2021
Debunking key myths about Britain's 'broken asylum system'
Since the tragedy in the English Channel, the government narrative on irregular crossings has shifted from the bombastic “stop migrants to defend our border” to the more humanitarian-inflected “stop migrants (in France) to protect them from drowning”, Nando Sigona and Michaela Benson explain in this article published in The Conversation
asylumBordersBrexitirregular crossings
26 October 2021
Hong Kongers at the borders of 'Global Britain'
Michaela Benson reflects on Britain's relationship to the people of Hong Kong past and present. She highlights how the Hong Kong BN(O) visa, which seems an exceptional act in the broader context of the Hostile environment, sits in a longer history by which the Hong Kongers have been considered as an exception in Britain's nationality and immigration legislation.
BordersReborderingimmigration control
1 July 2021
Tech at the border: Nando Sigona in conversation with Millie Graham Wood (Privacy International)
When travelling across the world, people are being subjected to multiple forms of tracking and profiling by unaccountable state agencies, what risks are there for migrants in the growing us of technologies for migration governance and enforcement?
BordersEU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)technologiesimmigration control
13 April 2021
Borders and bordering in the age of (im)mobility – Talk for "A critical turn of migration studies?" series
"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us", Nando Sigona looks at how borders produce citizens and (im/e)migrants alike.
2 February 2021
Brexit on 'Plague Island': fortifying the UK's borders in times of crisis
The coincidence of COVID and Brexit has produced a perfect storm. Public health concerns and containment measures have become entangled with the emerging post-Brexit geopolitics, weaponised to score political points. How can we make sense of this as researchers interested in borders, citizenship and migration?