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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

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2 May 2023
A new podcast from the MIGZEN research team: Who do we think we are? presents 'Global Britain'
British citizens living abroad together with EU citizens and others who have made the UK their home before Brexit are poised to tell their stories as part of a Lancaster University project.
Brits in EUEU citizensGlobal BritainCoronationEurovision
13 October 2022
"We still love EU": Feelings of attachment to the European Union are still running high among EU nationals in the UK and British nationals in the EU
New MIGZEN Research Brief reveals enduring attachment to the EU among British nationals living in the EU and EU nationals in the UK six years after the Brexit referendum
political engagementpolitical participationEU citizensBrits in EU
9 May 2022
How Brexit transformed mobile families into migrant families
A reflection on the effects of Brexit on mixed-status families in the EU/EEA and the UK.
Brexitmixed-status familiesbelongingBrits in EUEU citizens
4 May 2022
New Report: British citizens in the EU after Brexit
British citizens living in the EU after Brexit is the first research brief from the MIGZEN research project. It reports on the findings from our recent 'Migration and Citizenship after Brexit' survey, offering insights how these Britons explain their migration trajectories; their residential and nationality status in their country of residence; the impacts of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic on their future migration plans; family life; political participation in the UK and within the EU; and understandings of citizenship, identity and belonging.
BrexitBrits in EUcitizens rights
29 April 2022
EU citizenship and transnational political mobilisation after Brexit
Following the Brexit referendum, a number of organisations were set up to support the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU. Catherine Craven, Michaela Benson and Nando Sigona reflect on the work of these organisations and ask what their legacy will be.
EU citizensBrits in EUtransnationalismpolitical mobilisationThe3Million
6 November 2021
British citizens living in the EU and the Brexit withdrawal agreement
Michaela Benson reflects on the latest statistics relating to the implementation of citizens' rights provisions for British citizens living in the EU. She highlights what these statistics do and don't tell us, and how whatever the headlines, we need to remain aware of who might be falling between the gaps of these post-Brexit provisions.
BrexitstatisticsBrits in EU
15 October 2021
Reflections on Doing Sociology Live in Lively Times
Michaela Benson presents some of challenges of conducting a live sociology project on Brexit, where engaging with a range of publics was an integral feature of the research design. It also offers some insights into working against the backdrop of an accelerated impact agenda, under conditions where public engagement and (non-academic) stakeholder engagement were expected even as the research was unfolding.
Brexitparliamentpolicy engagementBrits in EUResearch methods
30 June 2021
The deadline for British citizens living in the EU is looming
British citizens living in France, Latvia and Malta face a 30 June deadline to apply for their new post-Brexit residence status. Michaela Benson reflects on figures released 29 June that reveal that there are thousands of people still to apply or lose their rights.
citizens rightsBrexitstatisticsBrits in EU
2 June 2021
British citizens in the EU: the other side of the citizens' rights coin
Michaela Benson reflects on the 10000s of British citizens yet to register their residence in France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta as the 30 June deadline to secure their status under the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement approaches.
Brexitcitizens rightsstatisticsBrits in EU