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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

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20 September 2023
Join us for the International Symposium 'Migration, coloniality and belonging in ‘Global Britain’
Want to think critically at how Britain reimagined itself and its political community, politics and hierarchies of belonging after Brexit? Join us in Birmingham on Friday 17 November 2023 for the day-long International Symposium 'Migration, coloniality and belonging in "Global Britain"'!
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25 June 2022
Brexit and the bureaucracy of citizenship: New episode of Conversations with Iris
Nando Sigona speaks with Djordje Sredanovic, author of Implementing Citizenship, Nationality and Integration (Bristol University Press, 2022)
6 June 2022
Who do we think we are? Podcast - Series 2 launches with a bumper episode all about the Nationality and Borders Act
What is the UK’s Nationality and Borders Act? How does it relate to previous acts concerned with nationality and immigration legislation? What is the back story to some of the central changes that this act introduces? We cover all of this and more in this bumper episode to mark the start of Series 2 of Who do we think we are?
28 February 2022
Who do we think we are? Episode 9
4 February 2022
Who do we think we are ep 8
Did you know that British citizenship can be cancelled or removed? And that these powers have been disproportionately used against Britain's Muslim citizens? Listen to Episode 8 of Who do we think we are? to find out more.
22 December 2021
Call for participants to the MIGZEN survey
Are you an immigrant, foreign student, asylum seeker, refugee, expat, dual citizen (possibly one or more of the above) in the UK? Are you a British citizen who is living or has lived in a EU member state? We want to hear from you!
Migrationcitizenshipsurveysocial research
5 November 2021
On labelling, rights and mobility: Interview with Nando Sigona
The boundaries of membership are far from fixed and Brexit is a case in point, Nando Sigona explains.