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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

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15 March 2024
Divide, extract and rule: Of capitalism, coloniality and migration
What’s the significance of migration for the making of ‘Global Britain’? And how can a lens on racial capitalism help us to make sense of migration to and from the UK after Brexit?
MigrationGlobal Britainsafe routesBordersHongkongersUkrainiansracial capitalism
30 January 2024
The UK’s new humanitarian protections: A beneficiaries’ perspective
How do Ukrainian and Hongkongers experience living in the UK under the 'humanitarian visas' they are the beneficiaries of?
Global BritainUkrainiansHongkongershumanitarian visas
15 November 2023
What happened to migration to and from the UK after Brexit in only 140 seconds
What happened to migration to and from the UK after Brexit? Watch the MIGZEN video to find out
BrexitMigrationGlobal Britainresearch
5 May 2023
From the pomp and circumstance of the coronation to the fanfare of Eurovision
Announcing the release of the first episode of the podcast 'Who do we think we are? presents "Global Britain"'. We’re talking Eurovision, the Coronation and the Commonwealth Games as we consider how EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU make sense of ‘Global Britain’ and its imagined communities.
BrexitCoronationEurovisionEU citizensGlobal Britainpodcast
2 May 2023
A new podcast from the MIGZEN research team: Who do we think we are? presents 'Global Britain'
British citizens living abroad together with EU citizens and others who have made the UK their home before Brexit are poised to tell their stories as part of a Lancaster University project.
Brits in EUEU citizensGlobal BritainCoronationEurovision
31 March 2023
Why some migrants are deemed more deserving than others in Global Britain
Foreign policy determines why migrants from Hong Kong got a better deal than Syrians or Ukrainians.
Global BritainasylumgeopoliticsUK immigration policy
15 July 2022
Chagos Islands and the Struggle for Global Britain
This blog addresses the ongoing detention of Tamil refugees by British military in the Chagos Islands, and unpacks the historic and contemporary role of the Indian Ocean archipelago for British diplomatic and state-building interests.
refugeesGlobal BritainDetentionTamilsChagos
9 March 2022
UK government's response to refugee crisis is too little, too confused, too slow
Reflects on the response of the UK Government to the Ukraine Refugee Crisis to argue that despite claims to generosity, the official response has been underwhelming and out of step with the rest of Europe.
BordersGlobal BritainUkraine Crisis