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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

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16 November 2023
Beyond the imagined national family: When borders cross families
The definition of who is family to whom is central in a nation’s imagination of itself. It is similarly central to states’ management of their national borders the definition of whose family members can live with whom and where. But what happens when families cross borders and when borders cross families? Plus, what has Brexit got to do with EU families?
mixed-status familiesBrexitFreedom of movement
19 September 2023
New article published in Sociology: Brexit Rebordering, Sticky Relationships, and the Production of Mixed-Status Families
Brexitmixed-status familiesfamily migrationFreedom of movementEU citizenship
26 July 2022
The real life consequences of Brexit for mixed British-European families
Announcing our new report on the findings of our research into the impacts of Brexit on British-European families after Brexit. This MIGZEN Research Brief based on the responses to the MIGZEN survey ‘Migration and Citizenship after Brexit’.
Brexitmixed-status familiesfamily migrationMigrationFreedom of movement
9 May 2022
How Brexit transformed mobile families into migrant families
A reflection on the effects of Brexit on mixed-status families in the EU/EEA and the UK.
Brexitmixed-status familiesbelongingBrits in EUEU citizens
26 April 2022
'Racialized Affectivities of (Un)Belonging: Mixed (Race) Couples in the Shadow of Brexit' wins the #Genealogy 2020 Best Paper Award
Elena Zambelli won the "#Genealogy 2020 Best Paper Award" for her article “Racialized Affectivities of (Un)Belonging: Mixed (Race) Couples in the Shadow of #Brexit ”. The article is available open access at
BrexitEU citizensbelongingtransnationalismmixed-status families