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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Who do we think we are?

From Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, to the Windrush deportation scandal citizenship and the responsibilities of the UK government to the people of Hong Kong, it seems that citizenship and migration in Britain are never far from the headlines. Who do we think we are? explores all of this and more.

Join Michaela Benson and Nando Sigona for Season 3 (from 5 May 2023), as Who do we think we are? foregrounds a new understanding of Britain’s migration story focussed on the significance of migration and citizenship to the making of ‘Global Britain’. Considering Brexit as a pivotal moment, the 10-episode arc will consider what the Brexit has meant for mobile citizens, migrants, but also migration flows and governance. In this way, it reveals an ongoing process of redrawing the boundaries of the imagined community and the role of the migration-citizenship regime within this. But it also looks beyond the borders to consider how immigration controls, policies and legislation articulate with the British state’s present-day struggle for legitimacy and leadership on the world stage after Brexit.

Presented and produced by Michaela Benson and Nando Sigona

Additional research by Catherine Craven and Elena Zambelli

Cover Art by George Kalivis

Production, editing and post-production by Emma Houlton @ Brilliant Audio

All Episodes

15 Mar 2024
S3 E10 Migration and the making of Global Britain
8 Feb 2024
S3E9 (Not so) safe routes
18 Jan 2024
S3 E8 Fortress Britain?
16 Nov 2023
S3 E7 Families at the borders
12 Oct 2023
S3 E6 Migrant Rights 2.0
14 Sep 2023
S3 E5 Migration, diaspora, diplomacy
10 Aug 2023
S3 E4 A New Plan for Migration?
7 Jul 2023
S3 E3 Bye, Bye Britain
22 Jun 2023
BONUS Interview with Elspeth Guild
2 Jun 2023
S3 E2 Free Movement, limited
5 May 2023
S3 E1 Of Kings, Songs and Migrants
31 Mar 2023
S2 BONUS Behind the Scenes
24 Mar 2023
S2 E10 In dialogue
17 Feb 2023
S2 E9 East-West inequalities and the remaking of unequal Europeans
20 Jan 2023
S2 E8 Who is a migrant?
9 Dec 2022
S2 E7 European Identities from the Aliens Act 1905 to Brexit
11 Nov 2022
Imagining a new Britain, 20 years on
14 Oct 2022
S2 E5 What can we learn about what British and EU citizenship from Brexit?
16 Sep 2022
What do family migration rules reveal about British citizenship today?
19 Aug 2022
How do protest and resistance make citizens and citizenship?
24 Jun 2022
What does British citizenship have to do with Global Social Inequalities?
27 May 2022
What does the Nationality and Borders Act mean for British citizenship?
18 Mar 2022
What can we learn about British citizenship from the Chagos Islanders?
25 Feb 2022
What do the children denied the right to nationality through their British parents tell us about citizenship?
4 Feb 2022
What do Clause 9 (Nationality and Borders Bill) and the history of citizenship deprivation in the UK tell us about Britishness today?
21 Jan 2022
What can English-language testing for the purposes of immigration and citizenship tell us about who counts as British today?
7 Jan 2022
What can the Hong Kong BN(O) visa tell us about borders and belonging in Britain today?
10 Dec 2021
What can the UK’s citizenship test tell us about the shape of Britishness today?
26 Nov 2021
How the British Nationality Act 1981 laid the foundations for a stateless population within Britain's borders
12 Nov 2021
How the Commonwealth Immigration Acts laid the foundations for the Windrush Deportation Scandal
9 Nov 2021
BONUS: Talking about citizenship in ‘Global Britain’
29 Oct 2021
What can the development of immigration legislation tell us about citizenship in Britain?
15 Oct 2021
Why we need to look at history to understand British citizenship today?
22 Sep 2021
TRAILER: Who do we think we are?