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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Brexit, European union law and free movement: Situation of Turkish citizens living in the UK


It is generally accepted by most people that "ambiguity" is one of the fundamental concepts that gained prominence in political, sociological and legal fields as a result of UK's intention to withdraw from the European Union (EU), commonly known as Brexit. A dense ambiguity is dominant in all policies and processes in the short and long term ranging from how the separation process will be carried out in the legal and political sense to the name and status under which the future UK-EU relations will be shaped. One of the fields in which this ambiguity is prominent the most is free movement. In general, the issue of what the status of EU citizens living in UK and vice versa, the status of UK citizens living in EU countries will be after Brexit is a subject of debate. Especially, the agreement framework under which Turkey, which is continuing full membership negotiations with the EU, will act regarding the status of the Turkish citizens living in UK, which will withdraw from the EU, is also questionable. Similarly, the basis and conditions under which the free movement relations will be negotiated in the event of potential EU membership of Turkey in the future is one of the issues with important question marks. In this context, this section of the book will aim at presenting a general assessment on the Brexit and free movement relationship and the current and future status of Turkish citizens living in UK after Brexit within the framework of European Partnership Law, Ankara Agreement and potential models that may shape the UK-EU relations in the future. © Peter Lang GmbH Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften Berlin 2018. All rights reserved.

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Y.S. Alkan (Turkey)

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