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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Brexit implications in Europe and around the world


This paper analyzes Great Britain's exit from the EU, which implies the country's own will to leave the regional block, as well as the multiple effects that this has not only on this country but also in the European Union as a whole, as well as around the world. We also look at the great many challenges affecting its current territory, its traditional political parties, its economy and trade, and the citizens' general wellbeing, in a society that is sharply divided. Moreover, this paper looks at how this process might affect the European Union with the loss of the fifth most important world economy (and the second within the region) and one of the main military powers on the planet, as well as at the concern to contain the contagious effect that Brexit may have on the member states, where considerable worry is arousing about the constant growth of populist nationalist political movements which are against the European regional integration process.


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