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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Brexit: New Evidence and Policy Perspectives


The United Kingdom’s prospective exit from the European Union is one of the most significant events in UK political and economic life in a generation. It has the potential to generate profound effects on the UK and Europe for many years to come. Understandably, the issue has dominated the news and the popular debate for well over two years and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future. Estimates and predictions about the economic effects abound. But, at the time of writing, Brexit has yet to happen. And, since negotiations are ongoing, the details about many important issues remain uncertain or, at least,will continue to be negotiated and debated well after March 2019. Analysing the consequences of Brexit is no small order. The UK’s relationship with the EU has been forged over many decades and is complex. Implementing Brexit is also, therefore, complex. Understanding the consequences and assessing thedifferent policy alternatives will require an evolving research effort. In this special issue of Fiscal Studies, we publish five new papers by researchers who are world experts in issues of immigration, trade, firm performance, industrial policy and the effects of uncertainty. There has been much focus on predicting the overall economic effects of Brexit. But, until Brexit occurs, it is hard to know what the future relationship will look like.The articles in this special issue do not attempt to provide overall forecasts about the economic costs and benefits of Brexit. Rather, in keeping with the traditions of Fiscal Studies, they focus on new empirical analysis, new data collection and an evaluation of different policy options.

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