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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Brexit: The impact on health and social care and the role of community nurses


Brexit poses seismic challenges for health and social care provision in the United Kingdom concerning the ongoing financial support available to fund health and social care within a post-Brexit economy. Alongside funding issues, there are potential concerns linked to the continued access to medical supplies and equipment which are linked to trading relationships within the European Union (EU). Changes to the context of legal frameworks and funding for research which result from Brexit are also serious concerns. Although many of these areas may have potential detrimental impacts on patient care, there is a particular concern about the loss of migrant health and social care workers, which may exacerbate the recruitment issues currently facing the UK health and social care workforce. Reflections from those who work within health and social care, such as the authors of this paper, can create insider perspectives about what Brexit means to individuals and their families. This can help organisations consider the challenges that their current EU migrant workers experience and explore ways of mitigating these impacts on both the individual and wider organisation to ensure patient care is not diluted, but instead enhanced.


Journal of Community Nursing


T. Burdett (United Kingdom)

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