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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Colombian-Spanish Migrants in London since the Great Recession: Political Participation and Attitudes amid (Dis)Integration Processes


This article discusses the (dis)integration processes of Colombian-Spanish migrants arriving in London since the 2008 economic crisis, as the background to understand their political attitudes and participation. It is based on data from qualitative-quantitative fieldwork, complemented with statistical and bibliographical sources. From a transnational perspective that takes into account the home country and more than one destination, the results indicate that the context of the Great Recession in Spain and `Brexit' in the United Kingdom have had diverse impacts in migrants' integration processes, which are appreciable in their remigration trajectories, work and social experiences, but also in their political interests, participation and ideologies. From this data, we confirm the need to interpret migrants' complex mobilities and their political participation based on a broader conception of integration processes, which includes their multidimensional character and reversible condition, and reflects the growing diversity of (im)mobile political experiences in contexts of crises.

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