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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Insights for a post-Brexit era: marketing the UK as a study destination - an analysis of Arab, Chinese, and Indian student choices


Britain's scheduled exit from the European Union ('Brexit') has long-term ramifications for strategic marketing.

Faced with new challenges and uncertainty, UK universities are increasingly looking beyond EU borders to recruit international students. In this context, we draw upon country-of-origin theory to categorise the factors that influence non-EU international student decisions to select an overseas study destination and institution. Based on the results of a survey with 317 Arab, Chinese, and Indian students attending UK universities, we identify eight factors that influence international student decisions to study in the UK (social safety, education quality, entry obstacles, environment, recommendations, knowledge of host country, work and immigration, and meeting new cultures). The results address gaps in the literature, offering new insights that will help practitioners and academics to better understand how international students select a country and university as a study location.


Journal of Strategic Marketing


Fraser McLeay (United Kingdom)
Jessica Lichy (France)
Faisal Asaad (Saudi Arabia)

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