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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit



This chapter introduces this edited volume of essays on the economics of the UK-EU relationship. The following chapters cover the UK economic growth performance in an European context, the relationship between EU membership and Mrs Thatcher reforms in driving the British economic renewal, how the EU-UK relation evolved from the prism of monetary integration, the role of UK financial sector and EU integration after Brexit, the effects of foreign direct investment flows from and to the UK, the role of immigration in the UK-EU relationship, how did EU Regional Policy affect the UK-EU relationship, the role of EU regulation, and how deep integration affects the history and prospects of the UK-EU relationship.

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Immigration and the UK-EU relationship
This chapter examines the history of free movement within the EU, and in particular the origins and impact of the decision to allow immediate access to the labour market for workers from the new Member States in 2004.


The Economics of UK-EU Relations: From the Treaty of Rome to the Vote for Brexit


N.F. Campos (United Kingdom)

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