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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Return migration in Spain: a minor topic in the studies on migration


A compendium on scientific production about Spanish return migration is presented with a double goal. In the first place, in order to promote this research topic due to that the return migration in Spain has been scarcely attended in the social analysis in comparison with others migratory phenomena, so that the main scientific contributions since the middle of the 20th century is presented. Secondly, in order to show the main features from these researches according temporal, spatial and disciplinary aspects. Both goals can be useful for future research. Flows migration produced in the last economic crisis, encouraging by the telematics society, can generate return migrations that must be studied with the required interest, without forgetting that return migratory flows can play an important role on the Demographic Challenge in depopulate territories, and in the new challenges for international mobility due to Brexit or the Covid crisis.



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