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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

The impact of Brexit on labour migration and labour markets in the United Kingdom and the EU


Nowadays, migration to the United Kingdom remains to be one of the most debatable issues as far as the Brexit is concerned. Many speculations have been made regarding the impact of Brexit and its effect on the social and economic status of the UK. Even though the issue has been deeply explored and analyzed, the implications of the nation's withdrawal from the European Union still remains to be uncertain. The only sure thing is that such a drastic move will have profound repercussions as far as movement and settlement on the UK is concerned. Our paper seeks to examine the impact of Brexit on migration in the United Kingdom using the example of Polish migrants. We examine the recent trends and development and elaborate on the future of EU migrants in the UK and UK citizens residing in the EU ( which might be about 3 million people on both sides of the spectrum). Moreover, we discuss possible scenarios of UK migration policies after the country will eventually leave the EU in a few years, and assess the impact of immigration to the UK on the British and European economies.

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Terra Economicus


Wadim Strielkowski (United Kingdom / Czech Republik)
Svetlana Kalyugina (Russian Federation)

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