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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

"Wish you were here"? Geographies of exclusion: young people, coastal towns and marginality


Within youth studies there is a growing body of research that pays attention to the importance of place in shaping young people's identities, life opportunities and intergenerational relationships [Cuervo, H., and J. Wyn. 2014. Farrugia, D. 2014. Woodman, D., and J. Wyn. 2015. ].

Of critical importance to these discussions is the need to explore notions of 'belonging' and social citizenship, interrogating the extent to which differing perceptions and experiences contribute towards variations in the outcomes and life chances of disadvantaged young people.This article draws upon ethnography, participatory arts-based research, and semi-structured interviews (n31) with young people (15-25) who live in a deprived coastal town in the North of England.

The research investigated processes of marginalisation and disconnection from the perspectives of young people who were deemed as disengaged, or 'at risk' of disengagement, from education, employment or training. The research took place during a time of rapid change and uncertainty as Britain voted to leave the EU.

The findings of this study will 'throw light' on the how contemporary classed subjectivities are formed, how experiences of inequality and austerity are made sense of, and how, within a turbulent political context, young people negotiate complex transitions to adulthood.


Journal of Youth Studies


Aniela Wenham (United Kingdom)

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