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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit


EU Policy & Legislation
UK Policy & Legislation
7 Oct 2021
UK Policy & Legislation
Temporary Work - seasonal worker scheme

This was introduced as a (temporary) measure to address post-Brexit shortages for poultry workers, butchers and HGV drivers delivering food.

6 Jul 2021
UK Policy & Legislation
Nationality and borders bill introduced in parliament
30 Jun 2021
EU Policy & Legislation
Deadline for applications for the EU Settlement Scheme and British citizens living in Latvia and Malta

This deadline marked the end of the grace period where the rights under EU law of EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens living in Latvia and Malta were protected. To secure their future status, they were expected to apply for a new post-Brexit status testifying that they had lawfully exercised Freedom of Movement.

British citizens in the EU the other side of the citizens rights coin

4 May 2021
UK Policy & Legislation
India Trade deal

Memorandum of understading re: migration and mobility partnership between UK and India.

31 Jan 2021
UK Policy & Legislation
Launch of Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Visa Scheme

As part of a set of measures put in place by the UK Government in consequence of their judgement that the 'One Country, Two Systems' solution laid out in the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the future of Hong Kong had been breached, this bespoke visa scheme was launched to facilitate the entry and settlement in the UK of those holding BN(O) status and their dependents.

Hong Kongers and the coloniality of British citizenship from decolonisation to ‘Global Britain’ (PDF)

1 Jan 2021
UK Policy & Legislation
Immigration and Social Security Coordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill comes into effect

In line with the end of the Brexit transition period, this bill officially repealed EU law on Free Movement into the UK and paved the way for the UK's new points-based immigration system.

Brexit on ‘Plague Island’

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