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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Brexit and beyond: a Pandora's Box?


A fundamental challenge for addressing `Brexit and Beyond' is its multi-faceted and multi-dimensional nature. This is also reflected in the multitude of analytical accounts of its causes and potential outcomes. These accounts, however, have tended to focus on voting behaviours and a number of economic scenarios in general. This special issue makes a different contribution in focusing on four lines of enquiry that can be generalised into a critical narrative of one of the most complex issues facing social sciences for over sixty years. These lines comprise: `drivers of the economy - industry, trade and immigration'; `Brexit's wider European context'; `From politics to territorial governance'; and `Post-Brexit rural and fisheries policy'. By setting this analysis in a brief historical reading of `Europe versus Empire', the Introduction to this special issue provides a context for understanding Brexit's deeper and wider resonance.

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Contemporary Social Science


David Bailey (United Kingdom)
Leslie Budd (United Kingdom)

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