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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Diaspora Engagement in Ireland, North and South, in the Shadow of Brexit


This chapter provides an overview of the state of the current diaspora engagement policy in Ireland, North and South. In this new era of Brexit negotiations, emigrants and the diaspora will no doubt want a say in the future of Ireland and Northern Ireland. How might diaspora engagement efforts, as evidenced by the Irish government’s recent diaspora strategy, factor into the development of potential new frameworks for North-South trade, cooperation and the pursuit of peace? Will neoliberal economic policies geared towards the economic “rescue” of the state continue to dominate diaspora engagement in a post-Brexit scenario and force key North-South constitutional issues onto the table rather sooner than might otherwise have been the case?


Rethinking the Irish Diaspora: After the Gathering


Johanne Devlin Trew (United Kingdom)

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