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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Loss and Assimilation: Lived Experiences of Brexit for British Citizens Living in Luxembourg


Inconsistent political realities are associated with mental health issues such as hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. The psychological impact of Brexit is clearly an important and timely issue, but hitherto has been understudied. This study uses a critical realist approach to qualitatively explore the lived experiences of British citizens living in Luxembourg during the Brexit era. The study reports on semi-structured interviews conducted with 6 British citizens aged 18-65. An experientially focused thematic analysis was conducted, exploring two main themes: Loss (with psychological and broader social implications) and Integration (contrasting the mover's community with the receiving community). This study demonstrates the psychological impact of Brexit and highlights the urgency for future researchers and mental health practitioners alike - both in the UK and overseas - to consider the human consequences associated with political upheaval. Open access materials for this project can be viewed here: .


International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction


Stephanie Knight (United Kingdom)
Dean Fido (United Kingdom)
Henry Lennon (United Kingdom)
Craig A. Harper (United Kingdom)

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