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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Post-Brexit models and migration policies: Possible citizenship and welfare implications for EU nationals in the UK


Immigration from the European Union (EU) to Britain and the assumption of ‘benefit tourism’ were some of the driving factors behind the Leave vote in the Brexit Referendum. Amid the uncertainty and complexity of Brexit, intense speculation has been triggered regarding its effects on immigration policies and the fate of European citizens living in Britain. Although Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May announced that Britain will not be choosing an ‘off-the-shelf’ available model for its future relationship with the EU, there are various existing such models that can assist us in inferring future Britain-EU relations and their implications for EU migrants in the United Kingdom (UK). Before elaborating on these models, this chapter will make three important notes on (a) uncertainty as a distinct consequence in itself, (b) the principle and practice of free movement, and (c) the particular question of residence rights and permanent residence applications. In the second and main part, this chapter will discuss the aforementioned models by looking at individual cases of non-EU countries and their respective ways of engagement with the EU, while outlining their possible outcomes for free movement of people and the prospects of European citizenship in post-Brexit Britain.

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After Brexit: Consequences for the European Union


Ioanna Ntampoudi (United Kingdom)

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