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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Secular states in a "security community": The migration-terrorism nexus?


This article discusses the disintegration paradox as set against the backdrop of the Brexit referendum and the migration crisis in Europe. In face of an apparent inability effectively to address the challenge of migration, and tested by disintegrative dynamics of which Brexit is just one example, religion has been brought back to narratives employed by societies perceived as secular. The instrumental use of religion and, as a consequence, the emergence of a migrationterrorism nexus, obscure our ability to understand and address the migration crisis as well as the subsequent disintegrative dynamics in the European Union. In this context, this article makes a case that, while the concepts of migration and the migrant have to be revisited, it is fundamental that the agency (individual and plural) of the migrant be brought into the analysis. In this way, migration can be viewed as a complex phenomenon that is a function of the postmodern and post-Westphalian reality, whereby the EU becomes a nomadic hub defined by "fluid frontiers" rather than binary divides. The migrant's agency serves as the key to decode a complex matrix of strategies that could be employed to address the disintegrative dynamics that the current migration crisis exacerbates.


Journal of Strategic Security


Anna Visvizi (Greece)

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