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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Mapping social science research on Brexit and migration

4 articles covering the Latvian population

Between disruptions and connections: “New” European Union migrants in the United Kingdom before and after the Brexit
This paper examines the pre- and post-Brexit experiences and perspectives of migrants from three “new” European Union (EU) countries-Latvia, Poland, and Slovakia-who are living and working or studying in the London area. Deploying the key concepts of power-geometry and relational space…
'Borderless' Europe and Brexit: Young European migrant accounts of media uses and moralities
In this chapter, the author examines the experience of several young Europeans who were born in Latvia and moved to the UK, or continued moving back and forth between these two countries. She explores the accounts of young migrants living through a highly pertinent political event the UK…
'They laughed at me, but I left that job': occupational agency of Latvian migrant workers in the United Kingdom
This article focuses on migrants' occupational agency in the UK labour market. In particular, the article explores the experience of Latvian migrant workers who together with other Baltic and Central European migrants have filled the low-skilled and low-paid employment sectors in the UK.
Central and Eastern European migrants’ experiences of mental health services in the UK: A qualitative study post-Brexit
Objective: Central and Eastern European (CEE) migrants are a large minority group in the UK who are vulnerable to experiencing mental health problems. However, due to their shared ‘whiteness’ with the majority population, health service disparities may be overlooked.