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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Mapping social science research on Brexit and migration

13 articles about Spain

(Un)settling home during the Brexit process
Building upon extensive literature on the concept of home, this article uses narrative interviews to argue that home can be (un)settled. The process of (un)settling home can occur in relation to various circumstances such as widowhood, ill health, or geopolitical changes. This article presents (un)…
A place in the sun? Healthcare rights of retired UK citizens in Spain post-Brexit
At least 100,000 retired UK citizens currently live in Spain. Under EU law, they are entitled to access the Spanish National Health Service (NHS) with minimum administrative difficulty. What will their legal position be under a 'no-deal Brexit'? This is a question of Spanish law.
Before and beyond Brexit: political dimensions of UK lifestyle migration
Lifestyle migration is a now-established subfield within the anthropology of migration, and interdisciplinary migration studies, usually justified by its extensive and increasing spread, globally. Yet, bar a few exceptions, the political behaviour of lifestyle migrants has been relatively neglected.
Citizenship in segmented societies: Lessons for the EU
European Union citizenship is increasingly relevant in the context of both the refugee crisis and Brexit, yet the issue of citizenship is neither new nor unique to the EU. Using historical, political and sociological perspectives…
Migration uncertainty in the context of Brexit: resource conservation tactics
The Brexit referendum has led to uncertainty, which has threatened EU migrants' resources, including their rights to reside, to run a business or access welfare. Cross-national political and legal resources that include citizenship rights can enable migrants' access to health care, pensions…
Retirement Migration in Europe: A Choice for a Better Life?
This article examines the impact of economic inequalities on the individual choices that North European retirees make when they migrate to Mediterranean countries. It considers a group of retired and early-retired migrants who live permanently in Spain and have limited economic resources.
The social rights of citizens of the European Union and the United Kingdom. Free circulation of workers and social security after Brexit
This article analyzes the impact of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit) on the social rights of European citizens. In particular…
Uncertain sunset lives: British migrants facing Brexit in Spain
One of the most concerned groups potentially impacted by the approval of Brexit in 2016 is that of the so-called “Brexpats”. This group of people is composed by at least 784,900 British citizens who are living in the European Union (EU), among which those settling in Spain are the most prominent.
Emerging digital citizenship regimes: Pandemic, algorithmic, liquid, metropolitan, and stateless citizenships
This article develops a conceptual taxonomy of five emerging digital citizenship regimes: (i) the globalised and generalisable regime called pandemic citizenship that clarifies how post-COVID-19 datafication processes have amplified the emergence of four intertwined, non-mutually exclusive…
Return migration in Spain: a minor topic in the studies on migration
A compendium on scientific production about Spanish return migration is presented with a double goal. In the first place, in order to promote this research topic due to that the return migration in Spain has been scarcely attended in the social analysis in comparison with others migratory phenomena…
A contested foundation of European integration: The free movement of labour
Since the eastern enlargement of the European Union (EU), the movement from east to west has become the main driver of intra-EU mobility. Recently, the free movement of labour has been contested not only in the debates around Brexit, but also in other receiving countries.
Older British migrants in Spain: Return patterns and intentions post-Brexit
After the Brexit referendum results, there may have been fears that a significant part of the British population in Spain, one of the largest outside the Commonwealth, would return to the United Kingdom. This paper uses different sources to assess whether, on the one hand…
Recent developments in immigration patterns: a case study in Málaga province (Spain)
Foreign populations play an important role in the Axarquia comarca in the province of Malaga, Spain, where in some municipalities they account for over 40% of residents. Many of these populations are very small and have come to depend on immigration to maintain population levels. In this context…